I work on high quality 100% Cotton, neutral ph paper in either pastel or colored pencil, depending upon which medium is best suited to that particular animal, or I will honor your preference if possible.

A sample photo and portrait



The quality of your pet's portrait depends quite a bit on the quality of the photo you send. Please do your best to make it clear and sharp, with good detail. Most of the time, it's best to work from photos taken at the pet's eye level, not from above, and to shoot your pet in natural light. A photo which shows your pet in a characteristic pose is ideal. Extra photos you send can be quite helpful as reference. 

It is preferable to send me a good quality print of the photo rather than emailing a file. All photos will be returned.


Turnaround time varies according to how many portraits I am currently working on. I can answer with more accuracy at the time of inquiry.

Christmas time is a particularly busy time, so it is best to order a few months in advance.



11 x 14" $375 plus tax and shipping

14 x 18" $425 plus tax and shipping

Colored Pencil
11 x 14"
$375 plus tax and shipping

14 x 18"
$425 plus tax and shipping

Pencil Drawing
11 x 14"
$250 plus tax and shipping

14 x 18"
$300 plus tax and shipping

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is requested for me to begin the portrait, and when it is completed I will send you a copy via email or post for your approval. Only then is the remaining payment requested before sending the original artwork to you. Payment can be made by check payable to Karin Ohlson.

Prices may vary with requests for additional elements such as the inclusion of the full body or another pet. Larger sizes, up to 3' across are also available by request. Sizes may vary slightly depending upon the overall composition. Framing and matting is not included.

Gift Certificates are also available.


Contact Me

Karin Ohlson - 902 Needle Eye Road - Morristown VT 05661 - 802-888-0066